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Technologies have evolved a lot in the field of dental care too. The idea of this site is above all to give you information not only on our activities, on the techniques that our office uses, in order to improve your quality of life, to keep a beautiful smile with teeth and teeth for as long as possible. healthy gums.

The first tips

-Brush your teeth regularly (morning and evening, especially) with a soft-bristled brush.

The rotating electric toothbrush is a great ally.

-If your gums bleed regularly, it means they are inflamed. A visit to the dentist is necessary to make a diagnosis and implement treatment.

Visit your dentist once a year. Not only is it a good means of prevention but, for several years now, INAMI has conditioned its reimbursements on preventive behavior.

A visit to the dentist is often stressful... So, don't hesitate to tell us your fears and anxieties: we will resolve them together.

The idea is to transform this passage into teamwork: it is your teeth and your mouth that we treat.... Let's share.

Our job is not limited to digging out teeth and filling them, or worse removing them…

No, our job is to involve you in this adventure which is the saving of your teeth, their replacement when they are missing and the improvement and/or maintenance of a healthy smile.

À propos


Dental examination

It consists of a careful examination of the teeth, gums, but also everything around them, the cheeks, lips and tongue.


Often carried out with an ultrasound device, it aims to eliminate tartar which sometimes accumulates just above the gums, causes inflammation and, if nothing is done, causes tooth loss.

Root treatment

The goal of root treatment is to remove the infection and keep the tooth in place.


Dental crowns are necessary to maintain a tooth that becomes too fragile to safely support chewing.

Dental emergencies

They are diverse, from a broken tooth to a very painful infection.

The prosthesis
The future and progress

We are in an increasingly connected era and even if there are sometimes deviations, the progress of artificial intelligence in diagnostic assistance is important. Other advances allow monitoring ex in Diabetes

It goes from the simplest to the most accomplished.

Its purpose is to replace missing or damaged teeth. We speak of a removable prosthesis or a fixed prosthesis (one that is fixed to the teeth or on an implant).

Digital in the office

Digitalization brings new life and new treatment possibilities:

Thanks to the Triclear system supported by orthodontists, our office can offer orthodontic solutions for adults.

To find out more click on the following link: Trioclear system for-patients

Impressions can now be made using an intraoral camera.

This also offers other treatment possibilities such as making a prosthesis from existing prostheses in one step. Crown impressions, implants, etc. can also be made in this way. Talk to your dentist.

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General dentist
Arezou Zahmatkesh
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